Frankenstein’s Adaptations

Frankenstein is one of the most known stories of all time. The main reason is that we have seen this story in so many adaptations during the last century. We have seen Frankenstein’s character either in movies, TV shows, plays, or even in music. People constantly refer to Frankenstein as a monster, therefore children from future generation will see him that way. It is also very common that people dress as Frankenstein on Halloween. By looking at different versions of this character, some will argue that he is not the monster that he seems to be. Also, the image that we have of Frankenstein greatly changes according to each different adaption. The graphic use, the technology or simply the choice of audience are other reason for the success of this story.

Briefly, there are over 90 movies and TV adaptations of the original story of Frankenstein. This story also inspired several different comics and novels. Moreover, many plays were written and performed on stage as well as songs associated with it were created. Many toys were made with the imaginative character.

A few examples of some of the adaptation will be listed below. For more information on who the real monster is, you should go check Geoff’s post to expand your knowledge.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.39.08 PM


2 thoughts on “Frankenstein’s Adaptations

  1. I find it very useful to get all of the links for the adaptations. When reading a novel, it is always nice to compare it with other adaptations and movies. This is a useful category for all readers! Which one is your favorite?

    Alexane Drolet


  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your comment! I agree with you that it is useful to see what the character looks like. For me, I’m a visual person therefore I like to watch the movie after reading the book and then read the book another time with the visual images in my head.
    The only one that I saw in my childhood was scary and definitely not for kids, but I do not remember the title exactly.


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