Women During the 18th Century

The 18th century was the beginning of the British cultural revolution. During this period the middle class increased and consumption rose. In addition, the British cultural revolution promoted education, therefore, more people could read and write. Since a greater portion of the population could read, there was a bigger demand for literature and people were publishing more literature.

Furthermore, during this period women were valued much more than previously. Women started to work more and they had more rights. Many women started to get a better education and started to write numerous pieced of literature. As a result, many women authors were born such as Mary Shelley.


2 thoughts on “Women During the 18th Century

  1. It is interesting to learn how women were perceive in the 18th century and their role according to society. Thank you.


  2. It is great to learn about the historical background in which Mary Shelley became an author. It is scary to think that her novel might not have seen the light of day if she had not been a women of the 18th century, because the novel might not have been published.


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