A Timeless Classic: The fear of scientific advancement

One of the reasons that Frankenstein will undoubtedly last the test of time is due to one of its ageless themes. This fear is the fear of scientific advancement, and ultimately the unknown. Through this novel, Victor manages to achieve something through science thought to be impossible, and only possible through god, which is to create life. Even though Victor achieves this, the creature is an abomination and becomes a monster which terrorizes humanity.

Scientific advancement allowed a human to create something outside the understanding of man, and it turned out to go completely wrong. This fear of what can happen in the event of new scientific findings, or pushing the boundaries too far will always be a relevant topic. This is even seen in the novel after the creature visits the ship and Captain Walton. Captain Walton sees the mistakes in Victor’s past and determines to turn the ship around to save his crew rather than pursue scientific advancement.

Human beings will always advance in science, and there will always be questions of the unknown. As new generations of young scientist push the envelope of controversial science research, the aging population will fear the potential findings of these researchers. It is this reason that the horror of Frankenstein will always remain a relevant novel in horror fiction, as a timeless classic.


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