Analysis of Victor Frankenstein


Victor Frankenstein is a Swiss man who grew up in Geneva. His parents are Alphonse Frankenstein and Caroline Beaufort. When Victor was young, his mother, who always wanted to help others, decided to adopt Elizabeth Lavenza. Victor loved her with all his heart and promised that he would always cherish her. She eventually becomes his fiancée.

Frankenstein always had a strong interest in science, especially in chemistry, which helps him to accomplish his goal. In fact, Victor is obsessed with the idea of creating life, perhaps because no scientist had ever did it. After a few years of hard work, Frankenstein finally gives life to his creature. However, he is filled with fear and guilt; he finds the monster so ugly and is afraid that he will not be able to control it. By giving it life, he sort of became his father and had to perform the responsibilities coming with this role. However, he is afraid that he will fail to his duties and prefers to abandon the creature.

When he hears of his brother William’s death, Frankenstein automatically believes that it is the creature that murdered him. However, he never mentions the existence of the monster and his theory about William’s death. While creating life should have been an amazing discovery, Frankenstein is filled with shame; he failed to control the monster and to teach him how to live properly and control his emotions. Every time Frankenstein had the possibility to fix the situation and assume his responsibility, he always had excuses not to do it.

Frankenstein has defied nature and has created what only God had power over. By achieving his biggest wish, he ironically destroyed his life by falling into a state of depression. Frankenstein was therefore punished for going against the power of nature and for not being responsible enough to assume his duty.


2 thoughts on “Analysis of Victor Frankenstein

  1. This is a really good character analysis of Victor Frankenstein. It is very conscise, yet it shows thorough understanding of the character’s flaws and actions. Thank you for sharing your analysis, keep up the good posts!

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