Victor Frankenstein: The real monster

“The monster” as depicted in the novel, is a wretched creature constructed by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Due to its nature of creation, it is viewed as being an abomination. Throughout the novel, the reader is introduced to the complexity of this creature and its unexpectedly vast array of emotions, including compassion, empathy, and remorse. It is in those traits that the creature ascends above the classification of monster. Victor displays an opposite spectrum of characteristics, which more closely characterize him as the true monster within this novel.

The first action that Victor takes is his decline from humanity to a lesser man, is his aim to become a godlike creator. He broods life from nothing and considers himself an equal to god in this sense. During a time when religion was significantly more prominent, this would have been seen as blasphemous. Once his creation had been given life he immediately regretted his actions but did not take responsibility for them. He acted as though nothing had happened and ignored the situation, displaying great cowardice.

Even the relationships that he has with family and friends is seemingly a farce. All his relationships are shrouded by lies of his actions and his creation. Even times when he could help or save others, he chooses to dodge embarrassment for his actions at the cost of another’s life. His greed and cowardice consume him and his actions, specifically at the cost of others.

Given the development and capabilities of the creature, had Victor only embraced it, and taught it the outcome could have been different. Instead, Victor turned his back to the creature, dubbing it as a monster and inevitably hunting it. Knowingly unleashing this creature into the world that would surely fear and reject it demonstrate his selfish and rash personality. Victors display of dishonesty and hatred by destroying the female companion of the creature before he finishes it. The female companion could have created peace between the two, but instead, he betrayed his promise to the creature and destroyed the new companion.

The creature was born to the world that hated it before it could even understand the world for what it is. Victor, on the other hand, made every decision carefully and logically without consideration for other or the consequences of his actions. His hatred for the creature is what molded it into the monster it became and also thrust Victor onto a path of misery, pain, and hatred.




6 thoughts on “Victor Frankenstein: The real monster

  1. I totally agree when you say that ” His greed and cowardice consume him and his actions, specifically at the cost of others” because the creature warned Victor that it was going to kill the people he loved if he did not accept to create a companion. Victor still refused so it was his fault. He only needed to understand his own creation so no one would have been killed.

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