Frankenstein & Prometheus

Frankenstein and Prometheus resemble in many ways. There are several different versions of Prometheus, but they all speculate that he was the creator of mankind. One of the stories state that Prometheus would have taught mankind to trick Zeus in falling for meager offerings. When Zeus realized that he was being tricked, he stole fire from humans. Loosing fire also meant that humans could no longer cook and eat meat. Since Prometheus was the creator of mankind and the one who created humans and taught them in to tricking Zeus, his creation brought him an unwanted situation. Afterwards, Zeus stole the fire back from Zeus to give it back to humans. Zeus became furious and punished Prometheus eternally.

Humans are usually created naturally, but both Victor and Prometheus play with the laws of nature to create their own human. Moreover, both Victor and Prometheus encounter problems with their creations.


2 thoughts on “Frankenstein & Prometheus

  1. This post is great. It is true that Frankenstein is the Modern Prometheus. The full title of Shelley’s book says it. They did both defy nature an the Gods by creating human kind and a monster, but I belive the most important thing they share is their eternal suffering. Prometheus, in the mythical story, gets his liver eaten everyday and it grows again at night, while Victor sees his family members and his friends die. I believe these are both very painful ways of living. This all started with a thirst for knowledge!

    By the way, I believe it should be: “Afterwards, Prometheus stole the fire back from Zeus to give it back to humans.”

    Thanks for introducing the relationship between those two famous characters!


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