Musical Inspiration (Part 1)

Following my previous post on the several adaptations of Frankenstein, I have decided to go deeper into some music that was inspired by the original story of Frankenstein. There are so many songs in which the real meaning can be compared in terms of truth and reality of society vs. Frankenstein’s story.

Famous singers such as Alice Cooper and Edgar Winter, both legendary rockers, wrote singles called Frankenstein. The reviews state that these songs represent the monster Frankenstein being rejected by society, but in reality, society is the monster.

The main piece that I wanted to shared with you is Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett. The song is narrated by a mad scientific like Victor Frankenstein. The song is similar to the original story of Frankenstein in a sense that there is a monster that rises from the dead. This song became so popular that a dance was created. The main moves are similar to Frankenstein’s movements. The song was even use in a children music video starring Frankenstein himself.

To see the music videos of the previous singer, go check my next post on the musical inspiration from the novel Frankenstein.


4 thoughts on “Musical Inspiration (Part 1)

  1. I like your in-depth research in discovering Cooper’s and Winter’s songs and how they demonstrate their take on the idea of “Frankenstein”. It’s interesting to see the tables being turned, especially in the form of song.

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    1. There’s one song also in my other post that is completely instrumental, but the song writer told us in an interview that he wanted to represent someone being rejected from society like Frankenstein , hence the name of the song.


  2. Nice post Noemie! Reminds me of my high school time watching Wayne’s World. Did you know that the official music video of Alice Cooper was partner with Wayne’s World? You made me recover some memories. Thank you!

    Felix Tremblay

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    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your comment! No, I didn’t know any of these song before reading the book. I was so surprise that there was actual songs on the novel Frankenstein. Most of them represent, like I said in my post, the rejection of someone in the society. I think it is a great way to reach people through music.


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