Narration and Setting in Frankenstein


There are several different narrative perspectives throughout the novel. It begins with a few letters by Robert Walton to his sister. His letters are telling the story about coming across Victor Frankenstein and then they lead into Victor’s story. Victor’s story is in first person narration with parts that lead into the monster’s story. The monster’s story is first told from Victor’s perspective but then eventually is told by the monster himself. During the monster’s story we learn about Felix and his family from the monster’s perspective.

With all these different narrators, it gives some depth to the story. However, it also adds a bit of confusion sometimes, especially if you don’t really know the story of Frankenstein to begin with.


The novel begins on Robert Walton’s ship in the Arctic even though the story itself mostly takes place around Europe. More specifically the story’s main setting is in Geneva, where Victor and his family are from. Victor eventually goes off to university at Ingolstadt and on his travels throughout the story he ends up in the Alps, France, England, and Scotland.

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