Video – Summary of Frankenstein

Hi guys!

I found this interesting video made by SparkNotes on YouTube. It is a good summary of Shelley’s Frankenstein.




6 thoughts on “Video – Summary of Frankenstein

  1. Super interesting video!! It is not too long, but extremely complete and allows us to obtain a refresh about everything that happens in the novel, while giving a visual representation of the setting and the characters!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this video Myriam! I really enjoy it, especially because I did not have the chance to read the book yet, it allows me to better understand the other blogposts about Frankenstein. I also like the fact that it is illustrated and only eight minutes.


  3. Hi,
    I found the video quite interesting. It is a good resume of the events that happen in the book. Thus, it is quite helpful before an exam. Thank you for sharing this video!


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