Geography in Frankenstein

In Frankenstein there are several different locations mentioned. Below these locations are plotted on a map and listed. Each location has a description of what events occured there throughout the novel.


1. St. Petersburgh, Russia
The story beings here with Robert Walton starting out on his journey.

2. Arkhangelsk, Russia
In the novel, this place is actually known as Archangel. Walton’s plan is to travel to Archangel to hire a ship and as many sailors as he can. Walton wants to sail to the North Pole.

3. Naples, Italy
Victor Frankenstein was born here.

4. Geneva, Switzerland
Victor and his family live here and this is where he meets Henry Clerval, his best friend.

5. Belrive, Switzerland
Victor and his family had a house here and retired to this house for a while. This is where he saw a tree struck by lightning that sparked his curiosity in science.

6. Chamounix, France
After the death of William and Justine, he goes on a journey here to try to forget his sorrows and pain.
This is also where meets up with the monster unexpectedly.
The monster brings him to his hut in the mountains and tells his story to Victor.

7. Ingolstadt, Germany
At the age of 17, Victor’s parents decided that he should go to university at the University of Ingolstadt. Elizabeth became ill and their mother cared for her until she was better, then their mother became ill and passed away. These events delayed his departure to university. Later, his urge to go to university and gain knowledge increased. He soon departed for Ingolstadt like originally planned, where he studied Natural Philosophy.
This is also where he creates the monster and gets sick and goes crazy. Henry Clerval later joins him and nurses him back to health.

8. Strasbourg, France
Victor has to go on a journey to England in order to build a female so the monster doesn’t have to be alone anymore.
He starts his journey to England here and stops to meet up with Henry who will accompany him on his trip.

9. Rotterdam, Netherlands
Victor and Henry descended down the Rhine in a boat from Strasbourg to Rotterdam. They depart from here to go to London.

10. London, England
Victor and Clerval stay here for a few months. Victor is preoccupied by obtaining the necessary information to complete what he promised the monster.

11. Windsor, England
They stopped here and spend a few days in the beautiful forests.

12. Oxford, England
They stopped here to visit the city.

13. Matlock, England
This was their next rest spot. They visited caves and cabinets of natural history.

14. Edinburgh, England
They stopped here and didn’t like it as much as the previous stops but after visiting Arthur’s Seat, St. Bernard’s Well, and the Pentland Hills they enjoyed it a bit more.

15. Perth, Scotland
They head to Perth but Victor decides he doesn’t want to visit with friends and prefers to separate from Henry to continue to try to complete his promise to the monster.

16. Orkney Islands, Scotland
Victor continues on to the most remote part of the Orkney Islands he can find. He finds a vacant hut and takes it over to begin working on the new monster. He also destroyed the monster shortly after starting because he was worried about the damage two monsters would do. The monster becomes very angry that Victor abandoned his promise, threatens him, and then leaves.

17. Ireland
Victor floated to Ireland and where he found Henry killed by the monster. Victor is accused of killing Henry and is put in prison. Eventually he is proven innocent and becomes very ill and his father comes to get him and take him home.

18. Paris, France
Victor and his father take a rest here on their return to Geneva. Here, Victor receives a letter from Elizabeth about her worries about whether he wants to or is able to marry her.

19. Mediterranean Sea

Lake Como, Italy
The Frankenstein family visited here often and ended up adopting Elizabeth Lavenza.
This is also where Elizabeth is murdered by the monster on their honeymoon.

Finally, Victor ends up chasing the monster all the way up passed Russia close to the North Pole. This is where he runs into Robert Walton and where Victor is murdered by the monster.


3 thoughts on “Geography in Frankenstein

  1. This post is really interesting. You did not only point out the different places where the characters are in the novel, but you also made a small summary and explained why and when each character were in each place. This post will definitively be helpful while studying for the final exam or for anyone who wants to have a good idea of what the novel is about.
    Good Job

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is one of the most interesting posts here! I am a very visual person and this really helped me see where everything was taking place during the novel. You have really done your research about the places and I love how precise everything is.
    I would have never been able to know how much Victor actually traveled during his life if it weren’t for this map. Reading the book and reading where he goes really isn’t the same as seeing them on a map like you made. And the description that you make for every place is very detailed and concise with the book. Thank you for this post, very helpful.


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