Frankenstein Reading Quiz 1

Hi guys!

Here is a nice reading quiz for you to see if you understood the book well. This one can also be useful for students who must study the book. The answers will be posted in two days. Enjoy!

1. What does Frankenstein’s mother wishes for on her deathbed?

a) She hopes Victor will become a great scientist

b) She hopes her family will stay together in Geneva

c) She hopes Victor and Elizabeth get married

2. Who is Victor’s best friend?

a) Henry Clerval

b) William

c) Justine Moritz

3. What is Henry Clerval studying?

a) Chemistry

b) Oriental languages

c) History

4. How does Victor find out about William’s death?

a) By a letter written by his father

b) Henry Clerval told him

c) He finds out when he gets home to Geneva

5. Where does the first conversation between Victor and the monster take place?

a) In Geneva

b) In Frankenstein’s apartment

c) On a glacier near Montanvert

6. How did the monster learn to speak and communicate?

a) From people he meets in the city

b) From the family that lives in a cottage adjacent to his refuge

c) From listening to Frankenstein’s conversations

7. Who is Safie?

a) Frankenstein’s sister

b) The mother of the family observed by the monster

c) Felix’s girlfriend

8. What is the monster’s favourite book?

a) The Bible

b) Paradise Lost

c) Plutarch’s Lives

9. What does the creature ask Victor to do?

a) Kill him

b) Never leave him again

c) Create him a female friend

10. What event occurs on Victor and Elizabeth’s wedding night?

a) The monster attacks and kills Elizabeth

b) Victor tells her about the existence of the monster

c) Victor breaks up with Elizabeth


2 thoughts on “Frankenstein Reading Quiz 1

  1. Thanks for sharing this quizz with us ! I think it is a great way to study and test our abilities and knowledge of the book !


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