Favorite Sentences

Hello guys!! When reading Frankenstein I realized that there were many passages that I found inspiring and intriguing. Here is a list of a couple passages that I appreciated. I shall satiate my ardent curiosity with the sight of a part of the world never before visited, and may tread a land never before imprinted … Continue reading Favorite Sentences


Is the Science of Cloning Positive or Negative?

Hey guys, in this post I will be discussing 3 reasons why the science of cloning might be a good thing and 1 danger that cloning might engender. I would also really like to read your opinion on cloning (whether it may be a good scientific advance or if it may be a dangerous tool … Continue reading Is the Science of Cloning Positive or Negative?

Frankenstein: The companion creature

It is always fun to speculate as to what possible outcomes could have arisen from character performing different actions. What alternate endings could have possibly occurred? Throughout the novel, Victor continuously makes very questionable decisions in regards to his creation. He had several chances to create peace with the monster but instead opted the route … Continue reading Frankenstein: The companion creature

Victor Frankenstein: His failed attempt at playing God

In Mary Shelley’s novel the character Victor Frankenstein, pushed the envelope of science in an aim to create life. Victor desires the power to create something that no other man has had the ability to produce, a living creature from nothing. This desire to pursue this consumes him and drives the doctor the brink of … Continue reading Victor Frankenstein: His failed attempt at playing God

Answers to Quiz

Hey Frankenstein fans, I hope you guys all had a good time trying to answer all the questions from my quiz in my previous post. Here are all the answers to those tricky questions. Elizabeth Lavenza was an orphan and she was raised and cared for by Victor Frankenstein’s family. Later on in the novel, … Continue reading Answers to Quiz

Quiz Time!

  Dear Frankenstein fans, I have created a short and fun quiz to see how well you know your favorite story! Who is Elizabeth Lavenza? When did Marry Shelley write Frankenstein? What basic elements did the Creature have to teach himself? What books did the creature read when he was alone and which book was … Continue reading Quiz Time!

The Monster’s Seven Rejections

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the creature is constantly rejected due to his physical appearance that results from Victor's negligence. Still, he is patient about mankind and it takes him several rejections to make him lose faith in humanity.   There are seven key moments that illustrate how lonely the creature is. Here is a list of … Continue reading The Monster’s Seven Rejections

5 Tips to Remember What You Have Read

Hi guys !   I have decided to do a completely different post today, which is about tips to remember what you have read. I have heard many people complaining about forgetting their readings, so I’ve decided to give you tips in order to improve your reading skills.   1. Have a Purpose It is important … Continue reading 5 Tips to Remember What You Have Read

Video Game adaptations of Frankenstein

Besides the many film adaptations of Frankenstein, there are also a few video game adaptations of this work as well. Frankenstein’s Monster (1983) The first game that was created was for Atari 2600. The game involves making the character go through the castle of Dr. Frankenstein. The character must prevent Dr. Frankenstein from creating the … Continue reading Video Game adaptations of Frankenstein