Answers to Frankenstein Quiz 1

Hi everyone!

Here are the answers to the quiz I posted 2 days ago. Please note that all page numbers refer to the book from Dover Thrift Editions.

  1. c) On pages 23 and 24, it is mentioned that Victor’s mother caught the scarlet fever and died from it. Before dying, she mentions that her greatest desire is that Victor and Elizabeth get married.


  1. a) Henry Clerval is Victor’s best friend. On page 19, we discover that they were schoolmates.


  1. b) Henry Clerval is studying Oriental languages. On page 44, they mention that he wants to become a master of this subject.


  1. a) On page 46, Victor receives a letter announcing the death of his brother William. It was written by Alphonse Frankenstein, who is Victor’s father.


  1. c) On page 68, we can read the first conversation between Victor and the creature. This is a key passage since it illustrates that even if the monster is physically repellent, he is very wise. In fact, he is more philosophic than Victor is because he tells Victor that it is not right to abandon him when he created him on purpose.


  1. b) The creature learns to speak by realizing that people possess “a method of communicating their experience and feelings to one another by articulate sounds” (Shelley 78). Thus, the family, which the monster observes while hiding in his refuge, teaches him how to speak.


  1. c) On page 82, we can deduce that Safie is Felix’s lover because he is filled with joy when he sees her. In the following pages, there is also a more complete description of how they met and fell in love.


  1. b) The creature’s favourite book is Paradise Lost. He says that it moves “every feeling of wonder and awe, that the picture of an omnipotent God warring with his creatures was capable of exciting” (Shelley 92).


  1. c) The creature asks Victor to create him a female companion who would live with him and that would not reject him as others do. This occurs on page 104.


  1. a) On page 145, we learn that the monster killed Elizabeth. It was a way for him to take revenge against the humanity and, more specifically, against Victor.


I hope you enjoyed this quiz and let me know if you would like to see more quizzes on the blog!



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