Frankenstein’s Road Trip

Dear travelling friends,

I found the perfect Prezi presentation to explain the road trip made by the creature in the novel Frankenstein. It will further explain Danielle’s post on geography in the novel Frankenstein. Here’s the link if you want to read her post.

This presentation starts with Robert Walton’s trip and then switches narrators to Victor Frankenstein. The road is explained place after place, in the order that appears in the novel. The main event for each place is clearly described and it is interesting to see how a visual map can help us better understand. 

Here’s the link to access the Prezi presentation:

Also, here are some pictures of the setting in Frankenstein. You can use both Danielle’s blog post and the Prezi presentation to create your own itinerary for your next trip to Europe.




3 thoughts on “Frankenstein’s Road Trip

  1. Great post. I much enjoyed how your post compliments Danielle’s. It’s amusing to see all the regions that were in Frankenstein.
    I especially appreciated the few pictures of the settings you included, you really have an eye for detail.


  2. I love seeing all the pictures of the actual places in the book. I am someone who is very visual and I love being able to imagine all the places when I read the book!

    Thank tou for this great post.

    Laura P.


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