5 Tips to Remember What You Have Read

Hi guys !


I have decided to do a completely different post today, which is about tips to remember what you have read. I have heard many people complaining about forgetting their readings, so I’ve decided to give you tips in order to improve your reading skills.


1. Have a Purpose

It is important to know why you are reading because it allows you to stay focused on the most relevant parts of the text. Your purpose can be to gather information for a test, understand different concepts (for example, when you do some research for school projects), or simply for pleasure.


2. Highlight Important Passages and Take Good Notes

Highlighting key passages while reading allows you to remember the content of a novel better. To make sure you are not more preoccupied with highlighting than with what you’re reading, you should focus on highlighting key words only, or use sticky tabs when you find many major elements to remember in a single page. You can also take a few notes in the margins.


3. Think in Pictures

While reading, try to think in pictures since they are easier to remember than words. You should only spot a few words and picture them in your head. Thus, you will automatically remember the rest of your reading when you think about those images.


4. Rehearse Soon after Reading

When you finish reading, you should try to memorize what you have just read. Therefore, this will allow you to make sure that you understood everything well and that you are able to remember it the next time you start reading. You should take this part seriously and avoid distractions to make sure that you remember everything well. You can also repeat this step later during the day or a few days after your reading is finished.


5. Tell Others About It

Similarly to tip 4, you can explain what you are reading to your friends and family. Thus, you are able to see if you understood the book well and at the same time, remind yourself about important elements.



12 thoughts on “5 Tips to Remember What You Have Read

  1. Hi Myriam,
    I am not used to read that much, but I am trying to improve the quantity of books I read and the understanding I get of them. Your post is really nice for beginners like me who are trying to get practical advices.

    Thank you!

    Florence for razorsedgeslc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After having read many (too many 😉 ) books for school and being myself a pro of note-taking in books, I totally agree with the techniques you shared in this post! The last too ones could certainly help people who do not remember their readings and as you said, there are many of them. Good job!


  2. Hi!
    This is something that actually happens to me a lot, especially when I find the reading more or less interesting. I definitely like advice 3 and 4! I think they could help many other people who have that problem too!

    Thank you!
    Evelyne Richard


  3. I totally agree with your tips! After reading so many books for school, I got to develop usefull tools to enhance my reading and prepare for tests. I am defenitely the person that most hihglights and take notes, so tip number 2 is for sure my favourite!


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