Answers to Quiz

Hey Frankenstein fans, I hope you guys all had a good time trying to answer all the questions from my quiz in my previous post. Here are all the answers to those tricky questions.

  1. Elizabeth Lavenza was an orphan and she was raised and cared for by Victor Frankenstein’s family. Later on in the novel, Elizabeth and Victor get married and on their honeymoon the creature killed Elizabeth.
  2. 1818
  3. Cold and heat, hunger and thirst, light and dark.
  4. He read Paradise Lost, The Sorrow of Young Werther, and Plutarch’s Lives. Paradise Lost was his favorite book.
  5. The Creature also read Victor’s scientific notes of how he succeeded in creating the monster.
  6. The Creature caught Victor when he was hiking with his family and he obliged him to listen to his story.
  7. Robert and Victor both want to achieve fame. Robert wants to discover a path that leads to the North Pole and Victor wants to discover a way to create a human being. Moreover, both individuals are extremely lonely but Robert does not have any friends or family and Victor does and loses them all.
  8. The first man that the sailors see is the Creature and the second man that they see and bring on board is Victor Frankenstein.
  9. William – Victor’s brother
  10. The Creature killed William and put the locket he was wearing in Justine’s pocket. As a consequence, she was accused for murder and sentenced to death.
  11. Victor became ill the first time after the Creature came to life and it is his friend Henry that nursed him. Victor rebecame ill a second time after the Creature killed his friend Henry and a magistrate nursed him.
  12. M.Krempe, M.Waldman

Add a comment below with your score and the question you found the trickiest.


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