Frankenstein: The companion creature

It is always fun to speculate as to what possible outcomes could have arisen from character performing different actions. What alternate endings could have possibly occurred? Throughout the novel, Victor continuously makes very questionable decisions in regards to his creation. He had several chances to create peace with the monster but instead opted the route of conflict. What really could have happened if Victor had agreed to the terms made by the creature, if he had made the female companion would the story had ended in a more peaceful manner.

Chances are that most likely it would not have gone as planned, and not ended as peacefully as the creature states. Victor failed in his first attempt at creating life, so how would he obtain a successful result on his second try. It is a very good chance that the second creature could become equally as monstrous as the first. The way it seems throughout the novel is that after attempting to recreate life, Victor fell into a half-life. His life is almost cursed, as though his fate was predetermined to live a life of pain and torment in recompense to his blasphemous actions. Unless the context of the story were changed into a different form such as satire, Victor’s fate was determined the moment he created the creature.


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