Is the Science of Cloning Positive or Negative?

Hey guys, in this post I will be discussing 3 reasons why the science of cloning might be a good thing and 1 danger that cloning might engender. I would also really like to read your opinion on cloning (whether it may be a good scientific advance or if it may be a dangerous tool that we should fear).

Let’s start off by defining the very complex process of cloning. In brief, cloning is when one takes genetic information and duplicates it; the duplicate is the clone.

Positive aspects

  1. Some people pass away way too soon and if the science of cloning was well developed we could clone the deceased person. For example, if someone dies from a very bad accident at a very young age we could clone that person’s genetic information to make a new version of that person. Therefore, the person could continue living but with a new body.
  2. We could use cloning to duplicate organs to help people in need of new organs.
  3. We could use cloning by cloning a person’s genetic information and correct its disabilities. For example, if someone becomes paralyzed, we could clone that person so it could have a new body that is not paralyzed.

Negative aspects

  1. If the science of cloning becomes really developed and available to the public the importance of life will diminish. We all know that we only have one life and when it is over you cannot go back and change things. Hence, if people know that they can be cloned when they die people might become reckless and dangerous.

Personally, I believe that cloning could be a good thing since I believe that there are a lot more positive aspects than negative aspects to cloning. Moreover, with a good structured method I am sure that we could come up with a useful way of exploiting this scientific advancement without causing undesirable effects.

What do you think? Do you have any positive aspects or negative aspects that I could add to this post?


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