Quiz Time!


Dear Frankenstein fans, I have created a short and fun quiz to see how well you know your favorite story!


  1. Who is Elizabeth Lavenza?
  2. When did Marry Shelley write Frankenstein?
  3. What basic elements did the Creature have to teach himself?
  4. What books did the creature read when he was alone and which book was his favorite?
  5. How did the creature find out who he was?
  6. At what moment did the Creature tell his story to Victor?
  7. Name one similarity and one difference between Robert and Victor.
  8. Who are the two people chasing each other in the first pages of the story?
  9. Who does the Creature kill when wanting to get directions in Geneva?
  10. Why is Justine accused for murder?
  11. How many times did Victor become ill and who nursed him each time?
  12. Name two of Victor’s teachers in Ingolstadt.

Click here to see the answers.


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