Victor Frankenstein: His failed attempt at playing God

In Mary Shelley’s novel the character Victor Frankenstein, pushed the envelope of science in an aim to create life. Victor desires the power to create something that no other man has had the ability to produce, a living creature from nothing. This desire to pursue this consumes him and drives the doctor the brink of madness. He loses all judgment and cannot see that the act he wishes to perform is, in fact, blasphemous and horrible. His own ambitions and intellect wish to defy nature and religion. The creature, which is a result of this act is an abomination against nature.

The fact the creature became a murderous monster, is proof of Victor’s failure to play god. This failure is only reinforced by Victor’s weakness in not accepting the consequences of his actions. He is incapable of solving the problem he created, instead, he cowers behind his denial of his role. Instead of enacted the goodness of god, he causes death, despair, misery, suffering, and torment. This only reinforces the fact that no man can create life.


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