Video Game adaptations of Frankenstein

Besides the many film adaptations of Frankenstein, there are also a few video game adaptations of this work as well. Frankenstein’s Monster (1983) The first game that was created was for Atari 2600. The game involves making the character go through the castle of Dr. Frankenstein. The character must prevent Dr. Frankenstein from creating the … Continue reading Video Game adaptations of Frankenstein


Frankenstein Film (1910)

The first adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was released on March 18, 1910 in the United States and it was only a 12-minute film. It was made by Edison Studios and it was written and directed by J. Searle Dawley. The main cast included Augustus Phillips as Dr. Frankenstein, Charles Ogle as the monster, and … Continue reading Frankenstein Film (1910)

Frankenstein vs. Lightning

Most people who have not read the novel “Frankenstein" will associate lightning as a key element related to the monster without considering its meaning. As we read along, we slowly realize that there is no direct use of electricity in this book. In fact, the movie adaptations that I presented to you in my last … Continue reading Frankenstein vs. Lightning

Musical Inspiration (Part 2)

Here are the music videos explained in my previous post. If you like rock, this is definetely your jam! Click like and leave a comment of which one is your favorite.  

Musical Inspiration (Part 1)

Following my previous post on the several adaptations of Frankenstein, I have decided to go deeper into some music that was inspired by the original story of Frankenstein. There are so many songs in which the real meaning can be compared in terms of truth and reality of society vs. Frankenstein's story. Famous singers such … Continue reading Musical Inspiration (Part 1)

Frankenstein’s Adaptations

Frankenstein is one of the most known stories of all time. The main reason is that we have seen this story in so many adaptations during the last century. We have seen Frankenstein’s character either in movies, TV shows, plays, or even in music. People constantly refer to Frankenstein as a monster, therefore children from future generation … Continue reading Frankenstein’s Adaptations