Frankenstein: The companion creature

It is always fun to speculate as to what possible outcomes could have arisen from character performing different actions. What alternate endings could have possibly occurred? Throughout the novel, Victor continuously makes very questionable decisions in regards to his creation. He had several chances to create peace with the monster but instead opted the route … Continue reading Frankenstein: The companion creature


Victor Frankenstein: His failed attempt at playing God

In Mary Shelley’s novel the character Victor Frankenstein, pushed the envelope of science in an aim to create life. Victor desires the power to create something that no other man has had the ability to produce, a living creature from nothing. This desire to pursue this consumes him and drives the doctor the brink of … Continue reading Victor Frankenstein: His failed attempt at playing God

5 Tips to Remember What You Have Read

Hi guys !   I have decided to do a completely different post today, which is about tips to remember what you have read. I have heard many people complaining about forgetting their readings, so I’ve decided to give you tips in order to improve your reading skills.   1. Have a Purpose It is important … Continue reading 5 Tips to Remember What You Have Read

Frankenstein’s Road Trip

Dear travelling friends, I found the perfect Prezi presentation to explain the road trip made by the creature in the novel Frankenstein. It will further explain Danielle's post on geography in the novel Frankenstein. Here's the link if you want to read her post. This presentation starts with Robert Walton's trip and then switches narrators … Continue reading Frankenstein’s Road Trip

Answers to Frankenstein Quiz 1

Hi everyone! Here are the answers to the quiz I posted 2 days ago. Please note that all page numbers refer to the book from Dover Thrift Editions. c) On pages 23 and 24, it is mentioned that Victor’s mother caught the scarlet fever and died from it. Before dying, she mentions that her greatest … Continue reading Answers to Frankenstein Quiz 1

Frankenstein Reading Quiz 1

Hi guys! Here is a nice reading quiz for you to see if you understood the book well. This one can also be useful for students who must study the book. The answers will be posted in two days. Enjoy! 1. What does Frankenstein's mother wishes for on her deathbed? a) She hopes Victor will … Continue reading Frankenstein Reading Quiz 1

10 Fascinating Facts about Frankenstein

Even though we believe we have good knowledge of the story of Frankenstein, there are tons of interesting facts about the history of the book and its writer, Mary Shelley. Here are the top ten surprising and fascinating facts that we thought every reader of Frankenstein should know about. Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley … Continue reading 10 Fascinating Facts about Frankenstein

Women During the 18th Century

The 18th century was the beginning of the British cultural revolution. During this period the middle class increased and consumption rose. In addition, the British cultural revolution promoted education, therefore, more people could read and write. Since a greater portion of the population could read, there was a bigger demand for literature and people were … Continue reading Women During the 18th Century

Frankenstein Glossary

  Term Definition Abhorrence A feeling of strong disgust. 62 Apparition An unusual or unexpected sight. 8 Approbation An act of approving formally or officially. 57 Benevolence Disposition to do good. 10 Callous Feeling or showing no sympathy for others. 46 Condemnation The state of being condemned. 86 Convalescence To recover health and strength gradually … Continue reading Frankenstein Glossary

Science Fiction

Mary Shelley created one of the first science fiction stories with her novel Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. Science fiction has a wide array of definitions and there is not just one “correct one.” The well-known literary critic, M. H. Abrams describes science fiction as, “…an imagined reality that is radically different in its nature and … Continue reading Science Fiction