Is the Science of Cloning Positive or Negative?

Hey guys, in this post I will be discussing 3 reasons why the science of cloning might be a good thing and 1 danger that cloning might engender. I would also really like to read your opinion on cloning (whether it may be a good scientific advance or if it may be a dangerous tool … Continue reading Is the Science of Cloning Positive or Negative?


Frankenstein: The companion creature

It is always fun to speculate as to what possible outcomes could have arisen from character performing different actions. What alternate endings could have possibly occurred? Throughout the novel, Victor continuously makes very questionable decisions in regards to his creation. He had several chances to create peace with the monster but instead opted the route … Continue reading Frankenstein: The companion creature

Frankenstein vs. Lightning

Most people who have not read the novel “Frankenstein" will associate lightning as a key element related to the monster without considering its meaning. As we read along, we slowly realize that there is no direct use of electricity in this book. In fact, the movie adaptations that I presented to you in my last … Continue reading Frankenstein vs. Lightning

A Timeless Classic: The fear of scientific advancement

One of the reasons that Frankenstein will undoubtedly last the test of time is due to one of its ageless themes. This fear is the fear of scientific advancement, and ultimately the unknown. Through this novel, Victor manages to achieve something through science thought to be impossible, and only possible through god, which is to … Continue reading A Timeless Classic: The fear of scientific advancement